Officially, the case falls in August. But since the Premiere of the study at the Geneva Salon in March is clear: marriage is the A – and S-streamers-class, mid 2020 as the second model of the EQ family of Mercedes to the EQC-SUV is a car that tracks as a Short – and medium-Shuttle service is purchased: EQV the electric version of the V-class name.

“last week we were still in the North of Spain,” explains Benjamin Kaehler, head of eDrive-Vans at Mercedes, as we near Stuttgart (D) in the case of the last vote rides in the EQV ride: “There we went, in particular, the hot testing of the Charging and battery technology.” Visually, the Mercedes EQV except is distinguished by colorful stickers of little a V-class. Ditto inside: new Infotainment, the wars.

Normal space

The 300-pound battery flat in the floor. “We wanted to get the maximum flexibility with seat rails,” explains Kaehler this. The seats in three rows are as in the past, configurable, whether air-conditioned, individual seats, variable Bank, or the fully electric reclining chair. A business jet on wheels, which can carry any amount of Luggage.

No four-wheel drive, but Power

Only: Due to the space requirements of the batteries in Switzerland in the popular four-wheel drive is not going to be have for the time being, if of EQV to eVito and eSprinter is by the way also for the third E-commercial vehicle of the Swabians. Instead, Drive The Front Wheel. And how! As a Kaehler Gas to go with 150 kW (204 HP) and 500 Nm from there, really fast. Top? Probably 160 km/h. The EQV moves effortlessly, no Diesel knock to disturb the delicate silence.

The 100-kWh battery should allow the Dreitönner (maximum overall weight less than 3.5 tons) 400 km range. Sounds good. Only cheap of the EQV with the XL battery should be barely: We expect on the thumb with a minimum of 75’000 francs.