SUVs are the new station wagons are long. An Example? The Mercedes GLC. In Switzerland, this year were sold so far, 20 more than the C-class station wagon and the sedan. And so, the Sport will be from the sport wagon just SUV’s and Mercedes with the revised AMG GLC 63 S+ 4Matic, as the Top model is called officially, not half-measures!


cream piece is the double-turbocharged four-liter V8, with 510 HP (375 kW) at exactly the level of performance of its direct competitor, the BMW X3 M. With 700 Nm (100 Nm more than the BMW) it accelerates in 3.8 seconds to 100 kph and is sealed off at 280 km/h electronically. Not surprisingly, the V8 with its impressive power development is not a gerbils and swallows hefty 12.4 liters on average.

The record

Even better than the pure performance values of a time illustrates the impressive Power of the AMG-GLC. With 7:49,369 minutes, he grabs the lap record for the fastest SUV on the Nürburgring-Nordschleife from the Alfa Romeo Stelvio QV. This grandiose time is not only at the beefy thumping V8, but also, and especially, to a suspension, the high-tech needs of variable air suspension with variable damping, electronically controlled rear axle differential, the tight Hairpins, excellent working and dynamic engine mounts, which was once only in a pure sports car.

everyday life

From the high-tech equipment, the driver also benefits in everyday life. The dampers are not tuned for a AMG too hard. Delight of the nearly two-ton four-wheel drive can streets, however, especially on winding country where we have been without sport mode a hell of fun. Balanced and understated in the Background, this is also the nine-speed automatic.

plenty of choice

to keep Optically the Changes in the revise sports-SUV, such as his civilised GLC-brothers in borders: New lights instruments, as well as the “Hey Mercedes, the external and internal digital!!!” -The voice-operated control system. Thus, the amount of space available in five-seater with a generous (load volume between 550 and 1600 liters). A bit confusing the different drive modes are: The six programs are smoothness, Comfort, Sport, Sport+, Individal and Race with the driving dynamics control, once again, in Basic, Advanced, Pro and Master Refine.

The AMG-GLC dashes this summer, with 475 and 510 HP in Switzerland. Prices start at 109’600 Swiss francs for the ‘ 63 and 118’700 Swiss francs for 63 s. For 2000 francs more there are, the GLC coupe.