Menstruation is in many Parts of the world, is an absolute taboo: In various religions the woman is regarded as contaminated, while she has her days – then is said the prayer. The taboo of menstruation as a gender-specific “Problem” is enshrined, inter alia, for this reason, in many cultures, deeply.

is spoken While in the Switzerland open about Menstruation, with a swing in this country have negative connotations: Approximately every tenth woman suffers from Premenstrual syndrome (PMS), which means that the menstrual period and the time it is accompanied by strong symptoms. Then the days can be torture. Of course there are women that hardly any side effects occur and the perception of Menstruation as a burden.

In Switzerland, about one in ten sex suffers Mature woman complaints for the period. Much has been written about the symptoms of Premenstrual syndrome (PMS) is not known, but there are certainly ways on how you can take action against the symptoms.


when and if a woman wants to talk about their Menstruation, read more, The topic of Menstruation is your

open address, can have a positive impact. If women suffer in their period, that can be very stressful. To talk about can help, and understanding cause and empathic reactions. It is also important that the issue is being taken seriously; yet, you hear women disparaging, asked if you have your days when you are in a bad mood. When and if a woman wants to talk about their Menstruation and possible side effects, is with her.

the menstrual role of international attention, has been shown at this year’s Academy awards: The movie “Period. End-of-Sentence.” was awarded in the category “Best short documentary”. In it Director Rayka Zehtabchi shows the taboo of Menstruation in India. While in the context of the film men inquired of Menstruation for a women disease and for children’s diapers to keep a group of women for the dissemination of Bind strongly and begins to produce for this market.

Menstruation wins the Oscar and gets Emoji

The Film shows that it is for Mature girls and women is difficult without the necessary intimate hygiene and menstrual hygiene to go to school. Just the exchange of women educates and encourages women in their possibilities, even if in India, in relation to equal opportunities of other States.

recently, the launch of a periods-Emojis international big waves hit. These two examples show that women are on the way to gain in relation to the removal of taboos of Menstruation ear. The hope is that dealing with the period normalized to the whole world and the month of bleeding means no Discrimination and no daily restriction. (gup)

The periods-Emoji should be in the spring of 2019 worldwide in all Messenger services and social networks available. The children provided aid organisation Plan International.


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