Men have called the most unaffordable psychological problems

Professional support for the recognition of men, they need in relationships with parents, children, stress and anger management. Individual category – men who are raising children alone. For example, grandparents, guardians or those who have the wife killed.

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There are those who were abused in childhood or have adult – physical, psychological, and economic. Someone wants to manage his own aggressive behavior, someone was on the verge or in the process of divorce. Many issues are associated with suicidal thoughts when a person sees no meaning in life.

And men in Central ready to provide psychological help, inform and advise on legal matters to carry out with them trainings, seminars and more. Especially for them, in the centre was revealed to the crisis Department.

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“Not all technology work with women can be used in working with men, – told the “Russian newspaper” about the new direction the head of the crisis center Olga Babanova. – For example, one of the ways you relieve stress and tears, but not every man will cry, not everyone will be open. In addition, family problems must be addressed comprehensively: to work not only with women but also with men. Only then will the result.”

And now here preparing for remote work. There are opportunities – telephone, Skype. Technology also worked a long time onbrosayutsya not only local, but also inhabitants of other Russian cities. Today it is the only crisis centre for men in the Ural Federal district.