The Glastonbury festival, which celebrates this year its fiftieth anniversary, was cancelled due to pandemic COVID-19. It was announced headliners Taylor swift, Kendrick Lamar and Paul McCartney.Organizers with London’s Victoria and albert Museum has prepared for fans of the online event, which coincides with the planned date for the festival.The initiative includes a new page in the collections section on the website of the Museum where visitors can see items from the extensive archive of Glastonbury, which is managed by the Museum V&A. in addition, the portal will appear in the ad with a call to share their memories of Glastonbury, which will serve as a contribution to a larger project, the V&A, dedicated to the history of the festival. A separate article has earned fashion festival, which the authors point out that as an industry it appeared in the mid 2000-ies, when Glastonbury came model Kate moss. The peak of its influence occurred in 2005. They dated photo with the then boyfriend moss, frontman of The Libertines Pete Doherty. Sloppy styling, gold dress, leather jacket, Hunter boots and a perfect accessory in the face of her boyfriend-the lead singer of indie band — this festival the way a light hand with Kate moss was the ideal for many girls. In addition, the visits showed that music festivals can be a place of power for style and glamour, and not just filth and chaos. Thus, fashion retailers are now preparing for the festival months (may to August) as a separate season, supplying fashionistas and melomanos sequins, floral wreaths, like Lana del Rey, bright raincoats, denim shorts and fancy sunglasses.The project with memories of the festival came in 2016, when the Museum’s curators asked the participants to write postcards with the impressions of his visit. Curator V&A’s theatre design and scenography Kate Bailey said that the archive is a growing resource that includes tickets, posters, bracelets, photographs, film footage, props, and art objects, or otherwise associated with Glastonbury. According to her, the objects combine to provide a unique window into the past 50 years of history.”You could just create a Glastonbury now. There is something special about the organic way in which it has evolved since its inception,” said Bailey.The first festival Pilton Pop, Blues & Folk near Glastonbury was held in 1970 at Worthy farm in Somerset. The entrance ticket cost £ 1. The organizers offered complimentary fresh milk and roast beef. A few years later the event gained the reputation of “British Woodstock”.