In Daytona, Florida, in the shooting of airguns Park near the breakers Ostfront injured six people. They promptly were taken to the hospital, wounds not threatening their lives. The police said that the suspects in the shooting has not been apprehended and the victims are not cooperating with the investigation, notes The Daily Mail. Witnesses to the shooting were about two hundred people who were in the Park near the embankment, ignoring the rules of social distancing.

In Tampa, along the Gulf coast of Florida, the crowd was so large that authorities have taken emergency measures by closing the nearby crowded Parking lot. “Disney is closed, the universal Park is closed. Everything is closed, so where came all the people? They came to the beach,” said Sunday at a news conference, County Sheriff Volusia Mike Chitwood, speaking of the inhabitants that were walking on the Florida coast.

it Became known that the police are looking for the man who threw money from their car at one of the beaches. As a result, about 200 people surrounded the “generous car” to collect a dollar. Chitwood promised to find the driver and charge him, but declined to specify the relevant article of the criminal code.

According to the chief of police of Dayton Craig Capri, crowds of people gathered on the beach at a time when residents are prescribed the mode of social distancing. The head of security on the beach County Volusia ray Manchester said at the weekend on the Gulf coast at a distance of almost 80 kilometres of the search engines saved 300 people, many of whom swam for the buoys, being in an alcohol intoxication. According to him, virtually every part of the long coastline was filled in.

on Sunday, the Commissioner of the Department for control over products and medicines of the United States urged Americans celebrating memorial Day, to follow Federal rules aimed at curbing the pandemic coronavirus. “I again remind all that the coronavirus is still dangerous. Everyone should protect themselves and their families. Social distancing, hand washing and wearing masks to protect us all,” wrote Dr. Stephen Khan in his Twitter.

“Despite the fact that the United States and some government officials in a hurry to mitigate the restrictive measures we should take reasonable and safe solution,” – said in an interview with CNN’s Dr. Seema yasmin, a former specialist on infectious diseases of the US Centers for control and prevention (CDC).

Finally, Dr. Anthony Fauci, chief specialist on infectious diseases of the USA, said that the Americans during the celebration of memorial Day in public places must wear a mask and keep each other at a distance of not less than five feet. “Run. Go for a walk. Go nand fishing. However, remember that when you are in the crowd, you can easily become infected with the virus,” said Fauci, who does not wear a mask during a White house briefing.