In hire leaves a Comedy “Schemers” — the directorial debut of a music promoter Dave McLean is known, in particular from the Placebo group. The basis of the first film, as often happens with newcomers, he put the facts of their biography and, as it seemed Julia Siegelman, don’t miss the opportunity to boast of his own successes.From August 1 to reopen the Moscow cinemas closed because of the epidemic of the coronavirus (in some regions cinemas are already working since the beginning of summer, in the other opening will be delayed until the beginning of September). The first week of hire will be quiet enough because all the high-profile premiere, previously scheduled for August, shifted or moved, cinemas resume hire popular films, released before the lockdown (e.g., “Gentlemen,” guy Ritchie and “Ice-2” Żory Gooseberry family), and among the new products make a major bet on Comedy and family pictures. From the pictures the rental of which starts 1 August, you can celebrate “Happy ending” Eugene Shelakina — Comedy about a man, suddenly found himself on the beach in Thailand and do not understand how it got there; movies for the whole family “lassie. Return home” and “My spy”; the French romantic Comedy “#Andes” and “mermaid in Paris”; and is based on real events Thriller “Escape from Pretoria” with Daniel Radcliffe in the lead role.”Schemers” Dave McLean formally can also be attributed to the genre of Comedy, but although the film has some funny moments, it is rather nostalgic (and therefore slightly embellished, where without it) Elegy of the Director and the screenplay (co-written with Khaled Spivak and Kyle Titterton) on your own youth in the Scottish Dundee, which came at the beginning of the 1980s. Short cuts in the beginning of the movie, fast describes the situation: Thatcher in power, the miners ‘ strike, the economic difficulties, the football victory. Football should be for the young Davey (charismatic newcomer Conor berry — the best thing in the movie) a ticket to a better life from a country swamp, and mind-numbing work nine to five in a factory. But Dating with a girl in a nightclub leads to an altercation with her boyfriend, too early released from prison, she, in turn, to a broken leg — and the sport can be forgotten. However, there is a silver lining: in the hospital Davey met with a nurse Shauna (Tara Lee) and, of course, falls in love with her at first sight.The best way to impress a girl in 1979 — to take her to a rock concert, but since the music scene in Dundee is neither the quality nor the diversity to arrange this concert so…. The first attempt is unexpectedly successful, and Davy, along with friends Scott (Sean Connor), trivia pritorgovyval drugs, and J. (Grant Robert small but), DJ-lover, find themselves in the new role of promoters. To organize performances of bands like Simple Minds and The Skids is almost too easy, and it is enough for the modest savings of the guys, but gradually their ambition is growing, and to lure in Dundee real stars like Iron Maiden, we need different tools, which the company refers to local mobster Mr. fergie (Alastair Thomson mills). Of course, this is not too deliberate step will be consequences, but, as you can guess by the fact that forty years later, Dave McLean is alive and well and making a movie, not so dangerous.The adventures of novice producers voiced VoiceOver Davie, fondly reminiscing their first steps in the professional field, which in the future will be very successful. Other participants in this story it is not too interested in: Scott and John, in fact, no characters, and Sean, although it all started, and remains a blurred memory with pergidrolevaya bangs, and in the final Davy leaves her behind as easily as the rest of Dundee.The film is shot with a clear eye on early Danny Boyle and guy Ritchie, where borrowed fast installation, unkempt visual and soundtrack from the appropriate era of music, and, despite the fact that the main rate of the film is made on the authenticity of the characters and situations to feel it wasn’t very good. According to Dave McLean, the picture is autobiographical 90 percent, but the impression remains that the most interesting were just missed ten.