VIEW reader send dramatic pictures from Mels SG: In the Riet, where several shopping centers are located, a stable full of fire. The flames were to be seen, according to eye-witnesses from afar. But de damage is worse than initially feared Not:

burned down a barn. The Arrival of the rescue forces at around 20.30 PM a property was already in full fire. A house was uninhabited. From the other hand, the tenant brought in safety. Around 80 firefighters were in use.

hair dryer made it difficult to erase

The hair dryer work for the disabled, first extinguishing the fire and flared up the fire again and again, as Hanspeter Krüsi of the St. Gallen cantonal police confirmed the opposite VIEW: “The fire raged during an hour and a half and the hair dryer on flackte the fire again and again”.

The fire was deleted, but still dense smoke to quit. A Bagger out of it currently manages feed inventories and chips bar. From the stable only a badly damaged skeleton is. The cause of the fire was unknown, so Krüsi. Because of the still prevailing big heat, fire investigators were not able to start its work.

The stable belonging to the mother cows were during the fire on pasture and in safety. A Reporter on the spot reported: “The roads around the fire are completely blocked. You can travel either to the nearby gas station and to the Einkauszentren, back to the village.” (pma/aho/kes)

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