the plot of in the woods find the body of missing many years ago in a drawer. There remain a few letters, which are sent to the recipients. The main character Dasha (played by actress Ekaterina Guseva) receives a message from the past from her fiance. This letter turns her life around. Dasha finds out that her beloved, who was believed dead, is actually alive. If she received this letter on time, didn’t marry the unloved Myron (played by Alexander Lazarev), and her whole life turned out differently… Dasha decides to find out what actually happened 20 years ago and begins his investigation.

Untangling the mysteries, the main character learns that the people around her – her husband, best friend, Elena (Ekaterina Volkova) – not those who she thought they were. It turns out that all these years her marriage with Myron rested on fraud, and the basis for a successful family business was a crime. Dasha is looking for the beloved in the hope that fate can be reversed. But soon on her way there, a mysterious stranger Paul (played by Aleksei Makarov), who comes to town to take revenge on his enemies from the past…

My heroes have always been behind the male’s shoulder like a real married woman, – said the performer of the role of Dashi actress Ekaterina Guseva. But circumstances have developed in such a way that she had to take matters into their own hands: be strong, smart and independent. I like the way kept the intrigue in the series. I’m sure the audience will be involved in the story, wants to think, speculate and conjecture, anticipating the development of events.

the Sharpness of the series gives the detective line. To reveal family secrets, the main character have to dive into the investigation.

Events in the series “Broken mirror” span several decades. To recreate the atmosphere of the past, required not only the scenery, props and costumes of those years, but special make-up. Performers of the main roles Alexander Lazarev and Ekaterina Volkova helped their children. Daughter Valeria Volkova sang the role of Helena in his youth, and Myron, played the son of Alexander Lazarev Sergey.

In the series appeared, honored artist of the RSFSR, people’s artist of Belarus, laureate of the Union state prize in literature and art of Vladimir Gostyukhin.

the Federal award was awarded to Vladimir Vasilyevich at “Slavianski Bazaar in Vitebsk”. Born Vladimir Gostyukhin in Russia, in Ekaterinburg, but lives and works in Minsk.

For me the same way my first homeland, Russia, and the second homeland, Belarus, – he said. – I feel myself a citizen of the Union state.

His most prominent role in the film “the Ascent,” directed by Larisa Shepitko. This film was for gostuhin event in life, opened him a big cinema. From this role, as from “Overcoats” Gogol increased subsequent characters, but on television often repeat “Truck” that brought Gostuhin immense popularity and fame.

“Climbing” two Belarusian partisans based on the novel of Belarusian classic Vasil Bykov “Sotnikov” and became the first Soviet film, received the highest award “Golden bear” international film festival “Berlinale -1977” .