Melania Trump (49) is criticised time and again for your generous life-style. Specially designed for your wardrobe the First Lady of the United States to leave too much money lying. The wife of US President Donald Trump is, therefore, under special observation.

Several U.S. media expect the value of your Outfits at the end of the month. Up to now, Melania should have in may of dresses and shoes to the value of about 18’000 Swiss francs worn.

The former Model loves the fashion of the luxury designer. Usually she wears a selection of the best Italian and French fashion houses. But now she has changed her style for a reason short-hand.

praise for 6000 francs-dress

For a formal dinner at the White house last Wednesday, a familiar Melania on Swiss fashion. She wore a sleek, black sleeveless dress of the St. Gallen fashion house Akris. The value: a proud 6000 francs!

The First Lady released the following pictures of the dress on Instagram. And is renowned for its selection this time, a lot of praise.

Funny coincidence: Just a day after Melanias appearance in the Swiss dress Federal President Ueli Maurer, arrived in Washington for a historic Meeting with Donald Trump. (nim)