Thomas Markle (74), it is: The father of the Duchess Meghan (37) speaks once more about the Royals and the disturbed relationship to his daughter. “I’m hurt. I was excluded and can not be silent,” he says, “the Daily Mail”. Markle explains why he is already for the fourth Time in an Interview about his royale daughter.

“I’ve tried dozens of Times to reach my daughter about the messages and letters, but you and Harry have built a wall of silence,” he says. “You believe everything Negative that is written about me. So I’m going back to them to correct the lies and deliver the truth.”

day and night are Paparazzi outside his door

Him, all would say that he should keep his mouth shut and Meghan could not speak with him, because he’ll tell secrets. “This is crap. I have been accused of all sorts of nasty things. Prince Charles – but why he is not shunned?”, so Markle. “My life has been turned upside down since my daughter met Harry. When they announced their pregnancy, stood day and night Paparazzi in front of my door. I’m being punished for things I said never.”

He got his daughter a variety of SMS messages sent. “I asked you to answer the phone. I wrote her a two page letter and sent it to their representative in Los Angeles. I asked her why she believes the lies,” he explains his troubles.

“I wrote her, that I never played naked Pool,”

Nevertheless, he’s going to shoot at the same time against the Royals: “I have not made you aware of the fact that the Royals were always perfect. I wrote to her that I have never played naked in the Pool, or me as a Nazi in disguise.” In contrast to Prince Harry (34): The Royal was photographed in 2012 in the Strip-Pool in Las Vegas and visited in 2005, a costume party with a swastika armband. If Meghan slashing this page against your loved one?

In his Distress, Thomas Markle turned to his Ex-wife Doria Ragland (62), Meghans mother. “I gave the letter to Doria and asked why our daughter speaks to me. Everything was acknowledged with Silence. Their Silence means that people can attack me and lie about me spread.”

“I want you to stop believing the lies”

He tells the story of the “hundreds” of cards, which sent him to Meghan over the years. “Meghan and I never had any problems before this happened. If you would only speak with me, then everything could be different. I love Meghan so much. I want Harry and you a beautiful, healthy Baby and a great life. But I want you to stop believing the lies about me.”

Even the supposedly diva-like behavior of his daughter, to the Palace for the thickness of the air, speaks Thomas Markle: “I recognize this Person again. The Meghan I know, it was always worth it, cute and large-love quickly. She was always very demanding, but never rude. You like to work with rules. But this behavior is new.”

The relationship between the Duchess Meghan and her father went to the quarries, because Thomas Markle staged shortly before the wedding of the former”Suits”actress, and Prince Harry, Paparazzi photos, and sold. After that, he suffered two heart attacks and was not able to accompany his daughter because of an OP to the Altar. (kad)