has been known ever Since, that the Duchess Meghan (38) and Prince Harry (34) are a Couple who criticised the former actress on a regular basis. The Problem: The Duchess of Sussex may not speak publicly about the rumors. For your friend Jessica Mulroney (39) settles with the haters like to profess by Meghan.

The Background for the Mulroneys going Public: The actress Jameela Jamil (33) defended Meghan and Harry on Twitter, after the two have been criticized for polluting the environment with their private jet travel.

you wrote among other things: “love England and love the English press, which says, simply, that she hates, because she is black, and him because he is married to a black woman.” And The journey with the private jet have to do with public safety, defended Jamil the Couple. Because if the Royals, with ordinary citizens, would fly, would be the Chance of being a victim of terrorist acts, much bigger.

girlfriend harsh words

Meghans friend Jessica Mulroney finds shared the testimony of Jameela Jamil. In addition, she wrote on Instagram: “When someone is treated unfairly, then you have to defend yourself. If this Person is a family member or friend, then you say these critics, what they really are. Shame on you, racist bully!”

Further, she said in a now-deleted Text that you outer actually to such things, but after three years of “relentless and undeserved hatred” were used was overflowing the barrel. (bnr)