Even shortly before the birth of Duchess Meghan (37) tends to re-agitation in the Palace – because they should have their own doctors for the birth of summoned: your Team will not be guided by a Doctor, whose Name is known, writes “Daily Mail”. The reason for Meghans decision to opt out according to an Insider: “Meghan said, you don’t want the men in suits. She was adamant that she wanted to their own people.”

But the Royal house does not accept this new break Royal traditions. The royale Protocol provides that the physicians of the Queen can not be completely excluded. The British Royal house has it’s own gynecologist to be among the best in the world. Alan Farthing and Guy Thorpe-Beeston have also supported the births of the three children of the Duchess Kate (37). These professionals would step in, if at the birth of something wrong go, it says in the report.

mommy Doria can’t stay for long

At the time of birth should also be Meghans mother Doria Ragland (62). However, they could not remain long in Frogmore House, the new home of Harry (34), and Meghan, writes the “Mirror”. A well-Known says to the newspaper: “Doria is supposed to be for the birth of here and will remain. But then they must return to their dogs and work.” (wyt)