the Duchess Meghan (37) was not aware of the extent to which their life after the wedding with Prince Harry (34) would change. The British Royal expert Helen Kirwan-Taylor is convinced. According to “Daily Mail” says in its documentation, “Meghan Markle: The First 100 Days” that the Duchess will make her new life soon in question.

Meghan will ask why you “Yes, I want,” said

In this love story like a fairy tale reads. Three years ago, the Prince met, and actress. Two years later, they were in a romantic dream wedding in the picturesque Windsor in front of the whole world to tie the knot. Shortly thereafter, the pregnancy has crowned the happiness of the young couple.

But Kirwan-Taylor is confident that Meghan will find out in two years, in a “dark, wet town, with frosty conditions”. And then the question will ask, why you entered into this marriage.

Meghan is a “prisoner”

the Same opinion Larcombe of expert Duncan. He was more than ten years of Hofberichterstatter of the Royal house to the British newspaper “The Sun”. He says that Duchess Meghan was a “prisoner of the English Royal family”. He believes that she could not comprehend the real extent of the sacrifice that you had to bring, as they came in their Alliance with the Prince. “Sadly, she is now a prisoner in this cocoon world.”

That Meghan can’t decide about your life, your probably already aware, as the former “Suits”actress had to delete your own Instagram Account. Private snapshots of Yoga Exercises or fun girls nights are a thing of the past. Now she maintains together with her husband, an Instagram platform, where each image is examined carefully before it is published. (paf)