poor Duchess Meghan (38)! Ironically, her own nephew wants to make the name of your baby, money and drugs under the name of “Archie Sparkle” to sell. The Mail on Sunday reported.

Tyler Dooley (27) is the son of Meghans half-brother, Thomas Markle Jr. (53). As a child fit in with Meghan more often to Tyler. Today he performs with his mother, a legal Cannabis Farm in the American state of Oregon. Now Dooley sold under the name “Archie Sparkle” a new marijuana strain. And it’s weirder is still to come: On his Farm he wants to build for the Mini-Royal a castle made of hemp bricks.

Also a side blow to the Royals, he can’t resist. “My aunt and Prince Harry give himself as a great environmentalist. Nevertheless, you fly around in a private plane. Our farm is organic and sustainable. I think we do more for the planet than my aunt Meghan.” The last Few trips has been criticised, that Prince Harry felt obliged to justify himself for his travels.

Cannabis under the name of “Markle Sparkle”

It is not the first Time that Dooley has already made its mark and is trying to beat out the name of his famous relatives profit. For the wedding of Meghan and Prince Harry (35) out, he brought Cannabis under the name of “Markle Sparkle”. The Slogan: “be So strong that it will blow away your crown.” The strain of marijuana, have earned him many headlines and so much money. (paf)