Royal expert Colin Campbell (Colin Campbell) have accused Meghan Markle in the manipulation of Prince Harry. It is reported by The Sun.

According to her, Markle from the very beginning were a bad influence on the British Prince, playing on the weaknesses of his character. Campbell added that the Duchess of Sussex is having a huge detrimental influence on your spouse. The expert compared the Megan Markle with lady Macbeth — character play “Macbeth” William Shakespeare — who brought her husband before the tragedy.

“Megan understands the weaknesses of her husband: he is very emotional, always running to where the wise men do not aspire to get,” said Campbell. He added that Prince Harry always goes according to the beliefs of the couple, which has forced him to leave the family.

1 April Prince Harry and Meghan Markle has ceased to perform the duties of the members of the British Royal family. To be eligible to move to the US, work and do business, they had to abandon the treatment, “Your Royal Highness”, public Finance and trademark Royal Sussex. In the coming months they will be able to count on the help of his father Harry, Prince Charles, who will pay the cost of his son and daughter from his personal funds.