Meghan Markle

the Supreme court ruled that the names of five friends 39-year-old Meghan Markle, who gave an anonymous interview to the American magazine People, will not be disclosed. Judge mark Warby said that the identity of the friends of the Duchess of Sussex must be protected “at least for some time.”

According to the insider, Megan had no doubt that must do whatever is necessary to try to protect your friends.

the Duchess felt I needed to take this step to try to protect your friends, what would each of us. We are pleased that the judge agreed to protect these five people,

he said.

Recall, Meghan Markle continues to plead with the British media The Mail on Sunday and MailOnline, and their publisher Associated Newspapers for publishing excerpts of her personal letters to her father that she wrote to him in 2018. Last month she said that the newspaper threatened to reveal the names of five of her friends. According to her, her pals have made their own choice to anonymously talk to the American media more than a year ago, in order to protect her from the humiliating behaviour of the British tabloid media.

the five women are not on trial as I am. Each of these women is a private person and a young mother. Each one has a right to privacy. And The Mail on Sunday, and the judiciary know their names, but for the Mail on Sunday the benefit is to declassify for climate and commercial benefits. It is cruel and poses a threat to their emotional and mental well-being. The Mail on Sunday played in mediaguru with real lives,

said the Duchess.

I Must say that the trial costs Megan dearly. The first hearing on the case she has already lost and will now have to pay 87 thousand dollars in court costs to cover the costs of the opponent.