Meghan Markle (38) has a new job. To the Countess of Sussex, england, is working with Disney: they will use her voice to give to the movie the Elephant , a film that will be shown on the streaming service, Disney+.

Next week is the last week that the Uk’s prince Harry and Meghan are still under the British monarchy will fall, and from april 1 they will disappear from the royal limelight and live their lives in Canada (where they have been for a while moving to really get down to business.

Meghan Markle has a job down at Disney world. They will be there, and her voice provide for its nature film, the Elephant , which is the story of the African elephant, Shani, and her son, Jomo explains. The journey, the two travel through the Kalahari desert in southern Africa, it is spoken of by the duchess. The film, based Disney+ also: Elephant Without Borders, an organization that elephants in Botswana are protected.

another film is in the same range of “Disneynature” is the Dolphin Reef . In this context, a school of dolphins the main character and the narrator of the service, not an unknown actress, Natalie Portman. “They are two amazing stories that show just how far a family can bring,” said Disney+.

the Two movies are from the 3rd of april.

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