Meghan Markle

a Few days ago the 38-year-old Meghan Markle and her 35-year-old husband Prince Harry paid a visit to charitable organization Homeboy Industries in Los Angeles, which provides support for people after prison. Together with its members the Dukes of Sussex was preparing food for the city’s cafes and bakeries in cancers initiative #FeedHOPE that the vulnerable segments of the population were able to obtain the necessary food against the background of the pandemic coronavirus.

During a conversation with one of the members of the organization of the Duchess began to speak in Spanish, which greatly surprised everyone present.

She spoke perfect Spanish with a woman. At some point she just switched from English to Spanish, which was a real revelation, and it was great.

— said the Manager of the organization, father Greg Boyle.

However, it’s not surprising. Spanish Megan studied at northwestern University, and then upgraded it to the U.S. Embassy in Buenos Aires, where she interned.

in addition to Spanish and English, Meghan Markle is also fluent in French, which she studied in high school. So, during a visit to the women’s guest house in Morocco in February last year the wife of Prince Harry spoke with local students in French, which greatly impressed them.