Meghan Markle and Prince Harry

the 38-year-old Meghan Markle and 35-year-old Prince Harry once again faced public criticism. The Dukes of Sussex, who departed from Royal Affairs, and together with his son Archie had moved from England to Canada, and then in the USA, however are still actively engaged in charity. Recently, they sent a letter to the charity Street Games, which is in the UK and helping disadvantaged children to play sports. In the letter the couple thanked the organization for helping the community Hubb Community Kitchen, which also supports the Duchess, and wrote that he was very moved by how organizations have come together during a pandemic coronavirus.

Wow! Thank you so much Harry and Meghan for your kind words and your continued support for StreetGames and the brilliant local organisations working to support their communities in these challenging times

And all would be fine, but public outrage was the fact that the couple who signed the letter to their names, used the logo with the image of a crown. According to Twitter users, they must abandon the badge.

No Royal duties, no crown. br>
still using the logo?! What you do not understand about the exit from the Royal family?

— resented in the network.

But there were those who stood in their way and said that the couple can continue to use the Royal logo.

Megan is still a Royal, she married the future king. There is no reason to remove the crown

— said one Internet user.

the Others remembered that Princess Diana and Sarah Ferguson continued to use his Royal emblem after the divorce with their husbands, princes Charles and Andrew.

Megan and Harry began to use the Royal logo that combines the initials and the crown, after we got married in 2018. Once in January it was announced that they renounce their Royal duties, they agreed to no longer use the titles of Their Royal Highnesses, although keep them for themselves.