Lizzie Cundy, a British TV presenter, know that Duchess Meghan (37) is “unfortunate”. The reason for this is The official Instagram Account “Kensington Royal” from Duchess Kate (37) and Prince William (36) to follow more people on Instagram, as the “Sussex Royal”, her and Prince Harry’s (34) Account. The Follower difference should interfere with Meghan so much that she has hired an expert to increase their followers number.

Meghan and Harry missing 700’000 Followers

Meghan and Harry have already the beginning of may, Kate and William left off on the Social Media platform to follow. In the British TV Show “The Morning Show” says Lizzie Cundy: “The dispute is so bad that Meghan has apparently drawn a kind of Social Media expert adds.” Meghan was “unhappy” about it. And further: “It is crazy, because Meghan and Harry missing 700’000 Followers. There is this rivalry, and some people are not at the Moment very happy with Meghan – including Prince Philip.”

So she alludes to the fact that Prince Philip is said to have told Meghans husband Prince Harry: “With actors, it is, but you don’t marry you.” Therefore, the presenter says in the TV Show: “So, it is a little frosty at the Royal dining table.” Cold it was, as Prince Harry and his wife at the “Trooping The Colour”, the military parade on the occasion of the birthday of the Queen (93), mass fixed. (euc)