photo-ban at Wimbledon, a private baptism and expensive reconstruction work in Frogmore-Castle – Harry (34), and Meghan (37) angry in the last days again and again Royal Fans. Particularly in the UK, the choices for red heads were and turned out as a true PR Disaster.

However, for the negative media coverage that there were two guilty. And although Meghan and Harry himself. Sure, Royal expert and Journalist Russell Myers is in any case. In the Podcast “Pod Save the Queen” ranted the British, that the Royal-not wool, Some just listen to their PR consultants. “I would say that Harry and Meghan, you ignore completely. They are two fairly headstrong people,” says Myers. He wants to also learn from the environment of the two: “The people I know that are close to the Sussexes, tell me that you want to be easy to advise.”

“they stumble from one Disaster to the other”

the experts seem at the time, as Meghan and Harry “from one Disaster to another stumble would”. The Royal Couple had to accept that “where you stand in the world” and that it would be such a thing as privacy “is not simply an on and off”. Especially since you verpulverten recently, around three million Swiss francs of tax money for the Renovation of your home: “You can now come even close to your property. And there will be no photos or Details determined by what you have done with all the taxpayers ‘ money.” For the Royal experts it was a joke. (klm)