The rift between Harry (34) and Prince William (37) seems to be getting bigger. In June, it was announced that Harry and Meghan (38) from the joint Foundation with William and Kate (37) leak. According to insiders, this is supposed to be the final proof for the dispute among the Royals. The Palace announced that the four individual projects will still work together.

Now Kate and William will make short work of it: Harry and his wife Meghan have been deleted from all official documents of the Foundation. They went even to the extent of renaming it to “The Royal Foundation of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge”.

An Insider revealed to the “Dailymail”, however, that the change has to do in the Foundation is nothing to do with a supposed quarrel between the two brothers. Rather, it is because “the two couples to their future roles to prepare for the run, obviously in other directions”.

Royal expert sees armed-signs

Otherwise, the Royal expert Phil Dampier looks. The end of the common Foundation, he referred to as the “finality” of the separation of the two brothers. For him, the “Fab four had,” as they were called by the British press in reference to the Beatles, four of a much larger strike force.

the expert thinks: “Now it looks like they would be going on personally and professionally with each other.” So interactive it, the couples try to make each other points. So, for example, as Harry and Meghan thought to want to because of the climate, no more than two children, while she knew that Kate and William already have three times the young. Another example: “Meghan said she wanted to be on the front page of “Vogue”, because this bouncer interactive table, knowing that Kate did it.” (bnr)