the Event, which each year held in the Royal Albert Hall, marked the one of the couple’s last official duties as members of the british royal family.

Why was Meghan and Harry met with standing ovations from the thousands of present publikummere and musicians in the iconic concert hall.

the Ovations that lasted until the orchestra struck the first tone to the british national anthem, ‘god Save the Queen’, as the pair, of course, sang with, before they took their seats.

At the Mountbatten Festival of Music performing some of Britain’s best musicians and composers and conductors of the royal marines’ band.

Meghan and Harry, who were the guests of honor at the festival on the basis of Harry’s role as captain of the corps, were dressed matching in red. Harry in a messejakke, as traditionally worn by the captain of the royal marines, and Meghan in a floor-length red designerkjole.

during the break, the couple had the opportunity to meet several of the musicians backstage – a meeting, which featured on the fools and jokes.

the Senior of the royal marines Reg Sheen tells the british newspaper the Guardian, that it was great to see the duke and duchess of Sussex at the event.

“the Response they received from the audience, when they arrived, it was very emotional for the marine corps,” he says.

Meghan and Harry will officially enter back from their royal duties 31. march.

Their last official event is most likely the celebration of Commonwealth day, which is held in Westminster Abbey 9. march.

The royal couple have previously stated that they will in the future try to stay just as much in the Uk and north America, and that they will work to be ‘financially independent’.