The first coat of paint: Since it became known that a Federal Prosecutor Michael Lauber (53) has hit yet a third Time with the President of Fifa, Gianni Infantino (49), broke the spell. The alleged super-mafia-hunter and a great Cleaner in the office of the attorney General (BA) is disenchanted.

the first two Meetings with the President of the world football Association raised the question of whether Lauber fails to comply with the necessary distance to Central figures in the visor of his authority. The secretive third Meeting in June 2017 in Bern, has brought the barrel to Overflowing.

There is a climate of fear

Now unpack former BA staff and lawyers from the office of the attorney General. They practice massive criticism of Lauber leadership style. Stefan Lenz, from 2002 to 2016 public Prosecutor of the Federation, says: “With an increasing term has disappointed me Lauber more and more.” It is going to reap laurels, standing in front of the Federal Prosecutor. “Criticism, he is more then happy to to his subordinates.” A number of employees prevails a climate of fear.

His one-time counterpart, Lienhard Ochsner also holds the power Lauber, in his view, egomaniac trains, can be problematic. “In many cases, he alone decides.”

“the Federal Prosecutor is not above the law,”

be accused of Lauber serious mistakes. Including does not fall, he logged the informal Meeting with the Infantino. “The Federal Prosecutor is not above the law!”, criticized Ochsner.

That Lauber proposed the third Meeting with Infantino, the chief investigator, now completely to the target. “Even if it breaks Lauber Neck, he counts,” a BA Insider. Either Lauber suffer from forgetfulness, or he lied. In both cases, he was as a Federal Prosecutor and more portable, say several sources.

members of Parliament Express themselves in this direction. SVP national councillor Roland Rino Büchel (53) in the hopes that Lauber “more problems with memory than with the truth”. SP national councillor Matthias Aebischer (51) has also Hit trouble with the “inconsistencies” around the Infantino -.

Supervisory authority, presented today report

Earlier it never get an Interview with the fixes, it is now pretty quiet become to Lauber. On demand from VIEW of the Criticized does not want to comment continue to be for the third Meeting.

this morning is to report to the Supervisory authority of the office of the attorney General. They presented their activity report and to the results of several inspections at the BA.

Controversial: The authority is currently considering disciplinary action against Lauber. This is actually carried out, and you come to the conclusion that the Federal Prosecutor has scored the law, threatens Lauber in the summer, the deselection.

Suddenly Lauber chair

wobbling on 15. In may, the court decides Commission of the National Council and Council of States, whether to recommend to Lauber for re-election. Normally, the appointment is a mere formality – but this Time for individual members to terminate to LOOK to the Federal Prosecutor.

unlike the judges who decide in case of doubt, for the accused, the members of Parliament with a view to the elections in the autumn especially important, even good. Depending on the dynamic that arises, then: when In doubt, against the Criticized. And all of a sudden Lauber chair, shaking violently.

to start With many laurels, Federal Prosecutor Michael Lauber today for many as a Blender. In fact, his achievements are just as modest as that of his predecessor. The failures, the more numerous: in 2018, the Federal free speech the court met with the members of the Board of the Islamic Central Council of Switzerland (IZRS), Nicolas Blancho and Qaasim Illi, from the accusation of illicit Propaganda for Al Qaeda. The Federal government moved to bar the judgment.

Also, the Tamil-tiger-case, is not yet complete. The Federal criminal court in 2018, has held that the 13 accused were not part of a criminal organization. A huge defeat for Lauber. Finally, his authority had determined for nine years.

another setback occurred in the corruption affair to the Uzbek President’s daughter Gulnara Karimowa. Because of a dubious trip to Uzbekistan, Lauber took part in, explained to the court the Director of Proceedings for biased.

In the criticism of the Federal Prosecutor is also due to the sluggish investigation in the Fifa complex as well as in the area of international criminal law. 2012 had been created under great fanfare a separate Department for such cases – the charge came up today, but it was only a case.