Patrick Gauchat (51) was close to the action, as Donald Trump (73) was yesterday made the historic step and as the first President of the US President, North Korean ground entered. In Western Switzerland, is stationed for two years in the demilitarized Zone between the two warring countries are still officially at war.

Gauchat directs the neutral monitoring Commission, consisting of five Swiss and five Swedish officers. Your Job is to monitor the ceasefire. The Camp Mission is located right next to the blue huts on the border line.

the Swiss knew to be longer from the Meeting

The Swiss have been known for some time from the planned Meeting between the North Korean dictator Kim Jong-Un and Trump, as Gauchat GLANCE. “The presence of the President of Trump at the end of June in Korea, it had been announced at the beginning of June, and a visit to the demilitarized Zone was provided.” The Details, however, are only set in the last days.

Since the disarmament is not covered to make calls to the tasks of the Swiss observer mission, were not involved Gauchat and his colleagues directly in the planning of the high-level meeting. You haven’t even met Trump in person, he says – after all, it had been a “extremely short” summit.

Calmy-Rey was the First one that exceeded the limit of

Nevertheless, the Swiss Mission of which promises something. “The summit brings hope for a renewed dialogue,” says Gauchat. We are confident that thanks to this short meeting was the “strategic discussions, get back in the swing”.

Switzerland has written to the demarcation line already history. The then foreign Minister, Micheline Calmy-Rey (73) in 2003 was the first foreign government representative who crossed the border to North Korea. The images went around the world, as now the recordings of Trumps the historic step.