Locally produced and fair-grown goods is in Trend. And, recently, the consumer demand for more proximity to the product. You want to see how the butcher wurstet. You want to talk to the fisherman who pulls the pike out of the water. And you want to have a chat with the farmer who supplies the Apples.

The Look of the finished cut Lyon in the vacuum packaging. The same is true for the bread from the large bakery. The Baker should be approachable. Instead of baking bread, the taste the same throughout the country, will the Consumer of today is a full-grain pfünderli with fresh flour traces. The bread should be a unique, baked by the neighbors, since the early hours of the morning in the bakery.

counter-proposal to the Migros

“Meet Food” is the new Trend. He calls for transparency about ingredients and the manufacturer. The Consumer wants to smell, taste and try. It is fabricated against movement to the food in the local large bakeries and slaughterhouses by the ton. And it is, in a way, the counterpart to the business model of the two giants, Migros and Coop.

The Migros responds well to it. Last week, she has the rights to a brand new secure. The Logo is in a side tilted letter B. Underneath the text “Meet Food denounces”. Brand protection extends beyond the common Goods in the retail trade – from alcohol to sausage.

a New concept in Zürich

“In the vicinity of the main station of Zurich, the Migros cooperative Zurich is pursuing a novel concept,” confirms Migros spokesman Gabriel Zwicky on request. It is “a combination of Retail, gastronomy and Event”. The designation is “currently” not definitely.

for more Detailed information, there is not. A “comprehensive Information to the Public and the media,” is scheduled for next spring. Then we will also clarify the extent to which the concept with the new digital world is compatible. Finally, the Migros has applied for trademark protection for the “Meet Food”-universe in the network. This means that you must operate under this designation, an E-Commerce platform. And distribute movies, Videos, images and other content on the Internet exclusively.