MOSCOW, 1 may – RIA Novosti. The leader of “United Russia” Dmitry Medvedev warned that other parties will try to use changes in labour legislation in a populist way, but to promote the initiative “United Russia”, as only she has the ability to carry out corresponding decisions.

According to him, there is a question about what you need to do changes in the Labour code, a new edition or a completely new labour code. This is not only legal, but technical, said Medvedev. It should be discussed on the party platform, the Parliament and the government.

“On the establishment of structures that will do it. Colleagues talked about the commissions that are in the Federation Council, the proposal to create in the State Duma of… of course, here I’ll tell about the party our interest. It should be our initiative… we have to promote them. Attempts, so to speak, that is the subject of populist key to use by other parties, of course, will be” – Medvedev said during an online meeting on improving labour legislation.

Medvedev also noted that this does not mean that other parties such solution to carry out. “Such opportunities, colleagues, there is only us”, he added.