“Electronic voting, in my opinion, strengthened the leadership position of the party “United Russia”, – he said. The party Chairman recalled that the decision to hold primaries in an online format was made in order to avoid voter and candidate are at risk to the pandemic. In addition, according to him, the technology of electronic voting responds to the global trends in public policy.

“the technology of remote voting in elections in most countries of the world, including in Russia, are only “run-in”. A year before electronic voting was first used in the elections to the Moscow city Duma, our party held the first preliminary electronic vote. The experience was a success and we were able to develop it to the current scale”, – said Medvedev and noted a high interest in the primaries from both candidates and electors.

So, increased competition for candidates from 4.2 per place last year to 4.8. “That is, the competitiveness has not decreased, including in the current very difficult situation in the country, and on the contrary increased. This is powerful evidence that digital format is not pushed away talented potential politicians”, – said Medvedev.

it is also Important that the electronic pre-poll voting was interesting not only to residents of cities and residents of the village.

So, in the words of the Secretary General Council of “United Russia” Andrei Turchak, 27% of electors are residents of the village, and 73% of the citizens. Just registered over one million voters. With more than 75% of voters have applied using a profile to “public Services”.

Turchak also reported that the online the turnout in the primary election on may 31 was 4.65% of the number of voters who have the right to vote in elections to the single voting day on September 13. The final results of the primaries will be announced on 2 June. Note that the winners of the preliminary voting, will represent United Russia in the elections in September.