Medvedev said about the possible tightening measures due COVID 19

In an interview with RIA Novosti he appreciated the methods of dealing with the disease. “Isolation is necessary. It is understood by all, even those countries that initially careless attitude to this, saying that everything will be fine, we are civilized people, we have a good society, everyone understands. I mean European countries and a number of other States in which the pandemic is now threatening,” – said Medvedev.

In Russia, drew the attention of the Chairman of the security Council, the measures would also become tougher, but in General, it is absolutely fair approach announced by the President, the situation in the regions cannot be compared, and the authorities must decide on the necessary protective measures.

To a greater extent virus threatens major cities of the Moscow region, where a large number of people, a lot of people back from abroad. “Therefore, in these cities, the measures are tough, but, in my opinion, they are appropriate to the current situation. In this regard, I would like to support everything that is being done by the Moscow leadership, the mayor of Moscow, because now there’s no other way, including the introduction of appropriate permits”, – said Dmitry Medvedev supported the city authorities.

Current country measures correspond to the situation in the country, said Deputy Chairman of the security Council, but everything is developing in an alarming manner. “I’m not sure that we do not need to apply any more stringent limitations. I would, of course, this scenario is avoided,” he said.