Medvedev in an interview forgot about the optimization of health

On the street missed the former Prime Minister and President Dmitry Medvedev came to feast. Having spent the last few weeks of the ceremonial-ritual meetings with major Russian functionaries, now our Deputy Chairman of the security Council has given you enough of a maximized remote video interview to RIA “Novosti”.

it just So happens that lately I’ve been usually criticized interview of Dmitry Medvedev. The current case is a happy exception – or almost happy exception. Most of the basic theses of Medvedev’s interview was correct, reasonable, business – and it is deeply secondary. All of them were in a variety of variations have already heard in other speeches of the different officials.

“of Course, there are people who say: well, what I like physically healthy, young, me if and a trailer, in the form of light, and may not even have trailers. But these arguments are totally irresponsible”- is news to you is a profound revelation of the Prime Minister?

If all the past weeks you have isolated themselves somewhere high in the Caucasus mountains and did not have access to any sources of information, then you should immediately five times in a row to read carefully the interview of Deputy Chairman of the Russian security Council. Best digest just what has already been said other “leaders of the party and the government”, as well as experts-virologists, you will not find. You will learn, for example, that “we must think not only about themselves but about others”, that the system throughput in Moscow, an unpleasant, but necessary, and lots of other news yesterday or the day before yesterday. Well, if “the Caucasus you can only dream of”, then live peacefully ( to the extent now possible) further. Anything said in an interview with Medvedev, you already know.

However, stop. There is one exception – the question of direct response, which would be very appropriate in the mouth of the Prime Minister. During the interview, this question was worded quite round: “Experts say that Russia was better prepared for a pandemic, because it itself is now able to provide..”

But Dmitry immediately took the bull by the horns: “the Fact that our medicine has always assumed a fairly active use of the hospital opportunities – a large number of areas of the hospital… by the Way, many talked about the fact that we don’t need more, here’s a look abroad: the person was operated and within three days send. Why do we force hospitals to lie?”

I am very glad that in the quoted fragment Dmitry Medvedev has used the word “thought” is past tense. Now, of course, everything returned to normal. The idea of the need to maintain adequate large-scale��on volume of hospital beds it is an axiomatic truth, the alpha and omega of all the major strategy of the Russian healthcare system.

But more recently, there was a time when the alpha and omega of such a strategy was the word “optimization” when the primary link of the Russian healthcare system has consistently weakened and bedspace needno cut. Remind me: when exactly which Prime Minister was it? When Prime Minister Medvedev, you say? No, I do not need reminding. I all remember. But our Mr President this is clearly a bit forgotten. Otherwise, he was not talking about some mysterious “many”, and about yourself.

Well done, Vice-President of the security Council of the Russian Federation a lot of important and urgent Affairs of state. About such trifles as the notorious optimization is possible and to forget partially. As they say, let bygones – an eye out. Let’s talk about the “old” and new – on the current reality. Speaking at the beginning of his interview on measures against coronavirus, Medvedev said: “I’m not sure that we do not need to apply any more stringent limitations”. I would like to know: who, exactly, Dmitry Anatolyevich has in mind, using the word “us” – Putin mishustina, Sobyanin? I suspect that the Deputy Chairman of the security Council includes in this circle and yourself. And from that moment I would like more detail.

And no, I’m not encroach on the sacred – on the right of Dmitry Medvedev continues to consider himself the big boss. Medvedev is still very, very big head. But that’s what this big boss is doing – in addition to the distribution of interviews and social functions?

again, I’m not trying to pin. I actually find very interesting: what is the real place of the Chairman of the security Council that the English political jargon is called a chain of command in the “command chain” in the mechanism of government? I hope that in your next big interview with Dmitry Anatolyevich Medvedev, we will certainly detail to talk about it. Looking forward to this uplifting story with great anticipation!