As Johann Schneider-Ammann, still Minister of economy, he said often, that in Switzerland, with just over two percent, unemployment is virtually full employment prevails. As the “Aargauer Zeitung”, was only half the truth. The internationally comparable unemployment rate lying at 4.9 percent, more than twice as high.

this number is not only the people noted, are registered in the employment offices, but all job-seekers, so also social assistance recipients, vocational training beginners and also those who have no desire on going to the employment office.

five years Ago, Switzerland had, in comparison with the EU, the lowest unemployment rate of all the 29 member States. In the meantime, she is on the 13. Rank back like. In front of her countries, but rather with economic backwardness equal to: Bulgaria, Romania, Hungary, Poland, the Czech Republic, Estonia, Slovenia, Malta, but also Germany, Austria, the UK and the Netherlands are.

scapegoat immigration?

For the SVP, the newspaper, is the free movement of persons between Switzerland and the EU are to blame for this descent. Older Swiss workers would be increasingly redundant by cheaper foreign replaced.

The holding of the work of economist Michael Siegenthaler of the economic research unit of ETH Zurich, that immigration “is the overall economy is clearly a complement to domestic labor.”

Also, other Economists pointed out that more than half of the European immigrants have a University degree. In contrast, especially low-Skilled unemployment were affected.

Switzerland is still competitive in the

lying countries such as Poland, the Czech Republic or Romania, have lower unemployment, rather, the fact that you were able to export thanks to the free movement of persons are unemployed.

The chief economist of Economiesuisse, Rudolf Minsch, the higher unemployment in Switzerland, especially on the high wage level. In Germany, for example, one out of every five employees work in the low wage sector, in Switzerland it is only one out of every ten. There is a risk that many low-paid Unskilled lose when the next recession your Job was.

The progress of other countries, Economists do not see as a warning sign for Switzerland. Switzerland to take every year, thousands of new workers, the local unemployment rate move, however, hardly. The show that Switzerland continues to be very competitive. (kes)