Medina told his puzzled Putin

the assistant to the head of the state Vladimir Medinsky said that the Russian President Vladimir Putin very carefully studying the issues of history. According to him, he was repeatedly “taken aback by the accuracy and depth of historical knowledge and evaluations of the President.”

According to Medina, the head of state carefully read archival documents, and therefore never makes strange historical mistakes as other political figures.

Speaking at the briefing, Medina said that some European politicians are trying to belittle the Soviet role in the victory over Nazism and undermine the post-war arrangement, and world. He pointed out that increasingly attempts to reconsider the causes and results of world war II “presented at the highest state level as a new historical revelation.” “This is the pinnacle of cynicism, and we can’t disturb”, — said the presidential aide.

“I Wonder what would be said about these statements, Roosevelt, Churchill or Truman?” he wanted to know.

He recalled the statements of President Vladimir Zelensky on the Soviet involvement in the outbreak of the Second world war and the first President of Ukraine Leonid Kravchuk about the fact that Stalin and Hitler allegedly met in Lviv in 1940. He called it a pseudo-scientific fiction, “from the field of aliens among us.”

“In 1990-e years, the first time the article had been published in the journal “Miracles and adventures”. I’m not kidding. This is the source,” said Medina.

however, he said that Hitler met the then premiers of Britain and France, Chamberlain and Daladier and Chamberlain “spoke very highly of Hitler.” “I’m not talking about Poland,” said Medina.

As reported TASS, the assistant to the President believes that Russian history textbooks are characterized by high level of quality. He reads and participates in the drafting group some of the options for historicalChernikov. The presidential aide stressed that students draw information not only from textbooks but also from the Internet, TV and cinema, “where such a number is thrown only on the immature minds”.