E-prescriptions are the future, no more pink slips of paper. But by no means all pharmacies can cope with the new technology. If you want to check whether your pharmacy is ready for the future, a small map will help.

In the future, medical practices and pharmacies will be able to prescribe medicines digitally via e-prescriptions. The pink piece of paper disappears.

It was originally planned that on January 1, 2022, the e-prescription would become mandatory for all those with statutory health insurance and all panel doctors in Germany. However, the starting signal was postponed shortly before the turn of the year.

If you have the e-prescription app on your smartphone, the doctor no longer prescribes a specific medication on paper, but digitally. You get a special code on your mobile phone app, which you can then show to the pharmacy yourself or send it to have the medicine delivered to you, for example.

In order for all of this to work, medical practices and pharmacies must be technically connected to the system. An interactive online map that has now been published (more information at CHIP.de) shows all the pharmacies in your area that are already able to accept e-prescriptions. All you have to do is enter a postal code and you’ll land on the map

If you believe the online card, it should currently be possible to redeem e-prescriptions at around 4,500 pharmacies across Germany via the e-prescription app.