The coronavirus vaccine may be useless, and its development can take years and not be completed ever. This opinion was voiced by the scientific editor, the Guardian Ian Sample.

Scientist argues that immunity against several coronaviruses that cause colds, it is not persistent.

Therefore, it is likely that a vaccine against Sars-CoV-2, even if developed, would be virtually useless — makes a disappointing forecast in my article Sample.

The words of the scientist confirmed by studies showing that antibody titre against Sars-CoV-2 decreases rapidly after the recovery of the patient. And it so happens that these antibodies are not formed at all. In the case of such a scenario, the virus provided over the years to circulate in the human population.

Moreover, the vaccine may be more dangerous. Thus, the development of vaccines against SARS and MERS, tests are conducted on animals have shown that they give serious negative changes in the lungs.

Earlier reported that the Deputy head of administration of Taiwan William Lai said that local scientists are going to test them created a vaccine from COVID-19 people. The work is carried out in the laboratory of the Institute of public health in the city of Zhong’an in the North-West of the island.