Media: the nanny and the housekeeper got into a fight in the house of Pavel Bure

a Number of media and telegram channels reported about the incident at the home of hockey player Pavel Bure. As reported in the Mash, it happened the other day in the cottage of the legendary athlete in Gorki near Moscow. It is reported that at this time the house was only the mistress, the wife of hockey player Alina, and at some point she heard coming from the room screaming and grozoth falling objects.

Mash reports that, on entering the room, Alina saw the housekeeper from Armenia drags by the hair a nanny for their children, a woman from the Philippines. It is argued that both continuously shouted something to each in their native language. Had to separate the combatants summoned to the police.

According to reports, the conflict became a petty domestic quarrel: that the Filipino Armenian said something offensive, she responded violently.

Information is confirmed KP.RU citing a source in law enforcement bodies. The interlocutor of the edition reported that the two women struck each other a slight beating, but the owners asked not to take them to the police station, promising to sort out this family scandal.

According to some, the housekeeper has been fired.