The truck drove through the crowd of protesters in Minneapolis who took to the streets over the death of an African-American George Floyd after the arrest of the police officers, RIA Novosti reported citing local TV channel.Data on victims are not present.On the video shots crowd of protesters first stood in the center of the road, and then begins to diverge in the hand at the sight of an oncoming truck.After the truck stopped, the protesters surrounded her and tried to get inside.

“I can’t breathe!”. In the U.S. again riots after the murder racially motivated
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Sunday in Minneapolis continue peaceful protest. However, before the city forces the national guard under the United States severely dispersed setting fire to buildings and smashing a city demonstrators.Riots, pogroms, acts of arson and looting started in some U.S. States after the death of a black American George Floyd during police detention. One of the officers stepped with his knee on the neck of the detainee. The video, leaked, Floyd a few times he says he can’t breathe, and then loses consciousness. Later, the man died in the intensive care unit.