the Ministry of Finance has prepared a bill to modify the tax on extra income (TEI), which in addition to stricter rules for mining companies, also provides for the return to the Treasury of about 200 billion shortfall in budget revenues. This was reported by “Kommersant”.

the Document has already been sent to the relevant ministries and regulatory impact assessment. According to the Finance Ministry during the year of the PDM lost 213 billion.

the Pilot NDM was launched on 1 January 2019 for the four groups of mineral resources old and new fields in Western Siberia, Eastern Siberia and the Caspian region. A feature of the regime is that no tax is levied on gross rates of oil production and revenue from its sales minus production and logistics costs. Guaranteed state revenue, under the current conditions of PDM in the fields participating in the pilot, is provided by applying a reduced mineral extraction tax (tax on gross production). The greatest amount of lost income, as stressed by the Finance Ministry, came in the second group of fields is a new field with the benefit of export duty.

in February 2020, the Ministry of Finance estimated a revenue shortfall of the Federal budget in 2019 as a result of applying PDM at approximately 160 billion rubles. Then Deputy head of Department Alexey Sazanov has warned that if it is confirmed that there is a shortfall in revenues of the Federal budget, it is necessary to take measures that will prevent such and underpayment to return at the expense of some increase of the coefficients.

Experiment with PDM again ran into the old problem where the discussion before starting in 2019 lasted more than five years. The tax regime must simultaneously bringing income to the budget, contribute to the development of the industry, but also to be beneficial to oil companies. The search of the Golden mean, apparently, has not ended.