Media spread the rumors about coronavirus Jackie Chan

a Number of media reports that actor and film Director Jackie Chan was put in quarantine with suspected coronavirus COVID-19. Allegedly, 65-year-old celebrity from Hong Kong could be infected at a private party, which organized police, this coronavirus had already been diagnosed with, according to

As noted, just a party in honor of the resignation of the 48-year-old policeman was 60 people, and later almost all of them were placed under quarantine. Himself the guardian of order, presumably, infected in the restaurant, who visited with his wife and mother-in-law.

Neither official information, nor comments of the actor, confirming this information, has not yet been received. Moreover, actors Alan Tamb and Alex Fong argue that they, along with Jackie Chan attended the other event.

on 9 February it was reported that Jackie Chan has promised the Creator of the vaccine against the coronavirus million yuan (145 thousand dollars or more than nine million rubles). The actor said that wants to see how empty the once busy streets, and his compatriots fighting the virus instead of enjoying life.