When the Russian war of aggression in Ukraine began, attention was also turned to Russian artists. They demanded a distancing from Putin. With Igor Selensky, then director of the Bavarian State Ballet, this did not happen. Leaked documents could now reveal the reason.

The Russian star choreographer and former director of the Munich State Ballet, Igor Selensky, apparently has a particularly close connection to Russian President Vladimir Putin. Leaked documents available to the Russian investigative platform IStories and Der Spiegel indicate that Zelensky is in a relationship with Putin’s youngest daughter Katerina Tikhonova. And that the two may even have a child together. The now two-year-old girl would be a previously unknown granddaughter of the Russian head of state.

IStories and “Spiegel” have passenger data from a Moscow airport, as well as numerous copies of passports and e-mails from Tikhonova. In addition, the bodyguard of the Putin daughter is said to have booked flights for Selensky. The passport copy of a girl born in 2017 was also leaked. Her middle name is “Igorewna” – in Russian tradition this means “daughter of Igor”.

After a promotion of the still very young Selensky in Russia, a connection to the top was already assumed, a ballet dancer told the “Spiegel”. He was said to have had something to do with Putin’s daughter at the time in Moscow.

Selensky can look back on a successful career. He was at the famous Mariinsky Theater in Saint Petersburg, the Bolshoi, had performances in New York, Rio and San Francisco as well as at La Scala in Milan. In 2016 he finally became director of the Bavarian State Ballet. According to “Spiegel”, Putin’s daughter Tikhonova is said to have separated from her husband, the oligarch’s son Kirill Shamalov, at the same time. She then traveled to Munich several times a month; including under a middle name. The girl was born in 2017.

The connection between the two has gone unnoticed to this day. Only Tikhonova was subject to sanctions, Selensky was only asked to distance himself. Although that did not happen, he surprisingly resigned in April 2022. The reason, according to the official press release: “private family matters”. He is quoted verbatim: “My family now needs all my support.”

Both could not be reached for comment.

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