The attack on the route of the German railway between Nuremberg and Munich on 7. October should kill according to the newspaper the world on Sunday a number of people. On the day the front window of the ICE had been damaged by a steel rope, the unknown perpetrators had stretched over the train tracks in the middle Franconian town of allersberg near Nürnberg.

The steel rope was however, too thin to let the train derail, according to the newspaper, citing investigators circles. It was ripped by the force of the impact.

the destination was a stop “, with many dead and” had been injured, quoting the world on Sunday the investigators. In the vicinity of the crime scene, along with several wood and iron is a completely preserved and a Fragment of parts according to the Bavarian Landeskriminalamt (LKA), two Drohschreiben been found.

“The two documents, each consisting of a page, are written in the Arabic language. In it, Europe will be threatened-wide attacks against the train traffic, if the EU should not stop States to attack the terrorist militia ‘Islamic state’,” the newspaper reported. “We take the Drohschreiben seriously. The IS-a relation but it is still under consideration”, said a police spokesman.