Media: Juventus will cut the salary of Ronaldo due to coronavirus

the Head of Federation of football of Italy Gabriele Gavin will give clubs the opportunity to minimize the economic damage from a pandemic coronavirus. In this case, players can cut up to 30 percent of salary. As a result of annual salary Ronaldo could drop to 10 million euros.

Photo: AFP Former President of real Madrid died of coronavirus

Recall, most of the European and world leagues suspended due to the threat of the spread of coronavirus. The first pause in the current season was announced in the leading European Championships.

as for Ronaldo personally, he is now in his homeland – the island of Madeira. Today it became known that the Portuguese will follow the example of his agent Jorge Mendes, who has purchased medical supplies for a hospital in the Port. Mendes bought 200 thousand medical gowns and 50 thousands of protective masks. He will donate them to hospitals. Cristiano also planning to donate some number of masks and gowns.