According to the newspaper The Hindustan Times, the armed forces of India have lost in killed about 20 people during clashes on the border with China.

a Source explained to the publication that the incident happened on 16 June in the valley Galvan, this territory is disputed between China and India since the mid-twentieth century.

the loss of the armed forces of India made up about 20 soldiers and officers, including the commander of an infantry battalion. The Chinese army also suffered losses, but they are not called.

At the moment, the hand withdrew, but soon could escalate the conflict.

Earlier, CNN cited a statement by the Chinese foreign Ministry, which stated that “Indian troops twice crossed the line of border to illegal acts, and had committed provocative actions and attacked the Chinese troops, which led to a serious physical conflict between the two parties.” The Indian side, on the contrary, claims that the incident was provoked by the actions of the Chinese military, who opened fire first.