North Korean Leader Kim Jong-UN really dead, claims a defector from North Korea named Chi sun Ho. However, he noted that the information is accurate 99 percent.

According to the Chi sun Ho Pyongyang while in a difficult situation due to the “problems of continuity”. In this regard, Korea is in no hurry to announce a heavy loss for the nation, the Agency Yonhap.

However, within days must be followed by an official statement of Pyongyang. By this time there will deal with the transfer of power. The successor will actually be the Kim Yu-Jeong’s sister, Kim Jong – UN.

While Chi sun Ho did not name its sources. He noted that the head of North Korea did open heart surgery, and he wondered how much more Kim Jong-UN will stretch after it. But in the end he was informed about the death of the policy. It happened last weekend.

Chi sun Ho escaped North Korea in 2006. He currently works in the legislature of South Korea. However, he still remained ties with North Korea.

In recent weeks, many media drew attention to the”loss” of DPRK leader Kim Jong-UN. Later the information appeared about his death. However, the public media recently reported on the activities of the leader, in particular, about sending diplomatic letters and the transmission of gifts of honorary citizens. However, the new photo policy was not placed.

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