Media in Belgium will hire 2000 people to identify carriers of the COVID 19

BRUSSELS, 21 Feb – RIA Novosti. The Belgian authorities intend to hire approximately 2,000 employees to identify potential carriers of the virus COVID-19, said on Tuesday the Belgian newspaper Echo.

According to him, the hired employees will include the search of persons in contact with a carrier of the virus. All potential carriers of the virus will be asked to undergo tests. In the case of a positive test, a sick person should be isolated for two weeks.

Training of staff will take the regional authorities. “We are talking about a significant number of employees, but, fortunately, the training is simple enough. Enough hours of training”, – told the edition a source close to the process.

the Formation of groups to identify potential carriers of the virus will become part of a strategy for the exit of the Belgian regime of isolation, which is still valid till may 3. Previously also reported that in Belgium can develop a special application for mobile phones that will help track the contacts of infected COVID-19.

the Belgian authorities believe that the peak of the epidemic of coronavirus in the country has already passed several days in a row, a decrease in mortality and number of hospital patients with the virus COVID-19.

the Number of cases of coronavirus in Belgium for the last day increased by 973 and is 40956. The day he died in 170 patients with a confirmed diagnosis and suspected COVID-19. The total number of deaths in the context of the epidemic reached 5998.

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