Media: Harvey Weinstein infected with the coronavirus

According to the American Internet portal Page Six, which is an entertainment app edition of the New York Post, due to infection with coronavirus imprisoned producer Harvey Weinstein placed in an isolated unit.

the Source name and position of which were not disclosed, said that most likely, Weinstein caught in a new York jail located on Rikers island in the East river. Currently, the producer is located in an isolated unit in another prison in the North-West of the state.

Representatives of Harvey Weinstein information about the contamination is not confirmed, the lawyers of the producer also said that information about this was not received.

As reported, on March 11 of this year, the producer Harvey Weinstei was sentenced to 23 years in prison on charges of violent sexual assault: he was convicted of sexual assault against two women, reminds TASS. On two counts of rape which he faced life imprisonment, he was acquitted.

According to the Johns Hopkins University, currently the US were more than 33 thousand new cases of infection коронавирусомCOVID-19, 417 people died. Almost half of registered HIV infections were diagnosed in the state of new York.