Fifa is on the way with an announcement about how the football season can be completed, writes The Athletic.

There is a new one on the way to all those who are in any doubt about how the football season will be completed.

It takes The Athletic to know.

According to the media, The International Football federation (Fifa) extend the season indefinitely, and that way let the national associations themselves to determine when leagues and tournaments can be played to completion.

On the way taking into account that the consequences of the outbreak of the corona virus is different in the individual countries.

at the same time, it provides better opportunities to færdigspille the season and avoid shutdowns of the leagues ahead of time. It urged the union of European Football associations (Uefa) in the last week fodboldeuropa as far as possible, to avoid.

Fifa will also change the dates for the summer transfervindue, and will be given the opportunity to extend with players whose contracts are to expire 30. June is the last day of the football season in most of the major leagues.

Fifa is likely to publish its decision within the next two days, writes The Athletic.