Andy Cartwright with his wife Marina Kohala

Investigators St. Petersburg continue to investigate the circumstances surrounding the death of a Russian rapper and member of the Versus Battle, a 30-year-old Andy Cartwright, dismembered body which in late July was found in the refrigerator of his apartment. 36-year-old wife of rapper Marina Kohala, which is currently undergoing a suspect in his murder, continues to deny his guilt in the death of her husband: she claims that Alexander Yushko (real name of rapper — Approx. ed.) died from a drug overdose, and she decided to get rid of his body to hide the “ignominious death” of the musician.

Andy Cartwright

Today, in this terrible case there were new details. According to telegram channel Life Shot, which refers to the words of a source close to the investigation, the Cartwright’s had an affair, and — to this version, the investigators came after a study of the correspondences to the Marina’s Kohala. From reports in the Marina that were originally deleted and then restored by experts, it follows that the lover she threatened her husband with death, and warned her husband that in the event of a divorce will do everything that he never saw their young son.

Marina Kohala

the phone Kohala was also allegedly found photos of the marshland, where she allegedly planned to bring the remains of her husband. Now the consequence actively checks the version, and soon plans to call for questioning the rapper’s mistress.

Note that Marina Kohala led on the YouTube channel video blog about the relationship between men and women. In their editions of the wife of a rapper has positioned himself as an expert in romantic relationships and gave advice to other women in the fight against cheating. So, one of her vlahov, published in November 2019, was called “When you know her husband’s mistress in the face.”

Recall the death of rapper Andy Cartwright became known in the end of July. On the death of her husband Marina Kohala told police four days after his death. The woman said that the musician died from a drug overdose, and she decided to dismember the body to hide the true cause of death of a spouse and “to keep it a good memory”. Mother Kohala was aware of the incident and helped her to get rid of signs of decomposition of remains of Andy, together they covered the parts of his body with salt and burned incense.

Andy Cartwright

At the moment the cause of death remains unknown Cartwright, his body sent for examination. The lawyer of the suspect Irina Surucu said that her client has no idea how to move on after the death of a spouse. While Irina is sure that this case will soon be completed, because the consequence is simply no other versions of the tragedy.

Now three versions of events. If p��will Tvarditsa that death is non-violent, criminal case will stop. There is an option that the cause of death is not installed, the result then needs to be some proof, but they are not. The third option — the experts say that death is violent,

she said in an interview with “KP”.