Good meat is expensive. Especially in Switzerland. Proud to 2.3 Times more money you pay in this country, it is more likely than on average in the EU. Behind Iceland and Norway price with 1.65 and 1.55 Times more Meat.

other food Swiss to grab much deeper in the pocket than the rest of the Europeans – however, not as striking as in the flesh. Food in General costs in Switzerland 1.64 Times more than the EU average. This coincides with the higher purchasing power in this country.

milk products and beverages are cheap

the Only milk, cheese and eggs are 1.35 Times higher price is relatively affordable. Even cheaper are benefit agents: alcohol, the Swiss is 1,17 Times more than the Average European, for tobacco, he pays a 1.21 Times more. The show Eurostat new Figures from the European Statistical office.

Taking the EU average as 100 percent, sheets Austrians 146 percent for Steaks and their ilk. The best grilling Romania and Poland, with 63 percent of the average cost. The precise correlates relatively with their purchasing power.

Swiss are not meat Tiger

It is not clear whether the high price of Meat is to blame for it. But the Swiss are holding back the consumption of dead animals: 52 kg per capita and year, according to statistics, over the counter babies and Vegans included.

Compared with other European countries, the is little. In Austria, where meat is about as expensive as in Norway, to be consumed according to the statistics portal 100 Kilo per capita and year. The EU average is, according to statista at 65 pounds. (SDA/bro)