Around 1000 people had been invited in the past days, to stay home and avoid contact with other people, because they could have been exposed to measles, wrote to U.S. media, citing local health officials on Friday (local time), including the “Los Angeles Times”.

it could last up to 21 days, wrote the “Washington Post”. It was a measure of protection against the spread of the disease, because the victims are said to have the same time with Sufferers, in a library or specific classrooms stopped. In the United States, the number of measles diseases is currently at its highest level since the disease was declared in the year 2000, there for is defeated.

Who is allowed to move under the Affected at the University of California or California State University, both of which can prove, in Los Angeles, a vaccination to protect against measles, again, report US media. Therefore, the number of quarantine cases is declining continuously, and according to “Washington Post” recently at around 700.

in view of the worrying spread of measles, US President, Donald Trump had called on Friday to parents for the vaccination of their children: “These vaccinations are so important.” In the past, had expressed a Trump to be skeptical to the topic.

In 2014, he had established a connection between vaccinations and autism in children – a case of Impfgegnern misconception. Recently, the U.S. health Agency had reported a record number of measles cases, 695 cases of illness across the country.

measles virus you can catch through saliva droplets in the air. A few days later, a rash all over the body spreads. Approximately every tenth Patient has inflammation of the complications, such as middle ear or lungs. The older the Infected is, the more dangerous the disease is. Rarely, it also comes to brain inflammation, which can be fatal.